Readings for January 2022

Kenyah Dayak grandmother from Rukun Damai. Mahakam River, East Kalimantan 1989. (Go directly to the readings for February) During this time of pandemic many people have been isolated, confronting numerous problems. Some have lost loved ones, or like me were separated from them by great distances, others endured the challenge of separation imposed by state … Continue reading Readings for January 2022

‘Going Down’ & ‘Garam Masala’

My apartment block in Singapore The spice seller In my latest book Beyond Borders: conversations across boundaries, there is a suite three stories about Timor L’Este. Some elements in these stories are a little confronting. In the interests of relieving the tension for readers so once readers I decided to use a light tone for … Continue reading ‘Going Down’ & ‘Garam Masala’

“Can you Help Me?” – A story

Background to the story This story was inspired by a recent visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and an encounter with a stranger. Descending from the observation deck of the Petronas Twin Towers, I was ambling around the central business district. Without any particular destination in mind,  except a vague notion that I’d like to find … Continue reading “Can you Help Me?” – A story

Ancient Belonging Places

The title of this story was inspired by Kathryn, a friend and colleague, a Kaanju/Birri woman from Queensland, responding to my Facebook post. The idea for the story came from this encounter with birds in flight. Ancient Belonging Places - the story Sulphur crested cockatoos massed above the Canary Island Palms and spreading Moreton … Continue reading Ancient Belonging Places

Unravelling Crossie’s Past

This story is from my latest book, Beyond Borders: conversations across boundaries. The book is a multimedia work, first published on the Apple Books platform but after numerous unsuccessful attempts at revising the book, I've published on Google Play. This is a most functional platform by comparison. The link above will open a sample of … Continue reading Unravelling Crossie’s Past