Coronavirus disease 2019 #COVID-19

Many have been trying to make sense of the #COVID19 pandemic & its implications. Since I'm not an epidemiologist I can only quote experts. I've put this provisional summary of research findings together in the hope of dispelling conspiracy theories & inspiring others to contribute. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by … Continue reading Coronavirus disease 2019 #COVID-19

#COVID19 and writing about Jakarta Dois

  Being forced to remain at home for long periods through this pandemic is an existential challenge for some, for me it's ushered in a new dawn for my creative writing. There is no longer the excuse or distraction of browsing through Chinatown or Little India. People in my age group have been advised to … Continue reading #COVID19 and writing about Jakarta Dois

Remaining mentally healthy during the #COVID19 pandemic

Several days ago I posted the World Health Organisation's reflections on social and mental health in the time of the COVID19 outbreak, Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak. My contributionI enjoy walking, and as someone in one of the groups at risk COVID19 complications, it both strengthens and relaxes me. Walking is a … Continue reading Remaining mentally healthy during the #COVID19 pandemic

Improving the messaging on #Covid19

For weeks now I’ve been waiting for my country to come up with a coherent message about the pandemic dangers of COVID19. Watching our Prime Minister Scott Morrison make his comment about attending the footie on the weekend, revealed an ignorant trivialisation of the COVID19 problem. Fortunately Australia’s PM wasn’t quite as dismissive as Boris … Continue reading Improving the messaging on #Covid19

WHO Launches #COVID19 Health Alerts via #WhatsApp

The WHO is now bringing facts to billions via WhatsApp, explaining that using WhatsApp has the potential to reach 2 billion people. Click on the image for more information or send Hi to +41 22 501 75 96 on WhatsApp Installing WhatsApp If you don't already have WhatsApp Visit on your mobile phone to … Continue reading WHO Launches #COVID19 Health Alerts via #WhatsApp

A letter to a friend in the UK about #COVID19

Dear Catherine and I are stuck, so to speak, in Singapore. Here everything is fine. The government learned much from the SARS epidemic so it was early and proactive in its response the COVID19. Communications have been frank and information about the outbreak widely and transparently disseminated. There were a couple of days of toilet … Continue reading A letter to a friend in the UK about #COVID19

While following the science I contine to pray COVID19#

Recently I posted links to both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Singapore Ministry of Heath (MOH). The objective was to provide a jump site mainly in the hope that visitors would chose to follow those other sites, or at least rely on them for updates about COVID19. Whenever there is a major challenge … Continue reading While following the science I contine to pray COVID19#