Some Photos I’ve Taken

I seldom post photos alone. Here are a few shots I've taken, they are mostly iPhone shots. Mentawai IslandsFort Canning, SingaporeTeges, Bali IndonesiaUbud, Bali, IndonesiaHoly Transfiguration Monastery, NSW, AustraliaKranji Wetlands, SingaporeAthensOtterMarket stall, Ainaro, Timor L'EsteSaprophytesSydney, NSW, AustraliaCannonball tree flower, SingaporeSarai River, Timor L'Este

Beyond Borders: Prologue

This panorama is assembled from photos taken at my special place in Coogee. My first book Seen and unseen: A century of Stories from Asia and the Pacific, begins a short distance from this very site. The Prologue to my work Reactions to my work To paraphrase one reader's response to my latest work, … Continue reading Beyond Borders: Prologue

Disposable Plastic Consumption and #COVID19

In 2018 the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy, with the participation of New South Wales, Victorian, and Western Australia commissioned the Annual Australian Plastics Recycling Survey. This aimed to provide an overview of the consumption and recycling of plastics in Australia during the 2017–18 financial year. The key findings for the period were: … Continue reading Disposable Plastic Consumption and #COVID19

Ten key statements about the Parthenon Marbles

Acropolis Museum This post was prepared for the IOCARPM blog mid-year, but the issue of reunification of all the Parthenon Marbles in the Acropolis Museum is arguably the world's most important and long-standing cultural property dispute. The Acropolis Museum in Athens is the rightful home for all of the remaining sculptures from the Parthenon.  … Continue reading Ten key statements about the Parthenon Marbles