The Resurrection – Anastasis

Many years ago, when I was working as a television camera operator with the University of Sydney, we produced several programs for a Sunday morning show on Channel 7. The show was called ‘Television Tutorial’. One show featured Barbara Thiering, a biblical scholar, who was producing some controversial theories on the life of Christ. Barbara … Continue reading The Resurrection – Anastasis

Educational disadvantage

On Monday 27 February I was invited to speak with the Advancement Team at the University of Sydney. This body is responsible for providing the direction, coordination and management of the fundraising programs for the university. Part of their role also involves connecting with University of Sydney's alumni to discuss their views on the direction … Continue reading Educational disadvantage

A walk around the peninsula at Pyrmont in Sydney

This is an old industrial area. Until 1934 it was also the source of sandstone used to build many of Sydney's 19th and early 20th century buildings. Now its a residential area with views of port facilities on Sydney's inner harbour. Here is a hastily compose selection of images compiled on this mornings walk around … Continue reading A walk around the peninsula at Pyrmont in Sydney

Lemnos: Heroes Behind Gallipoli

A friend and colleague, Pria Viswalingam, has recently been engaged in the development and direction of a documentary, Lemnos: Heroes Behind Gallipoli. Lemnos is one of Greece’s Aegean islands. Here is the trailer for the production. LEMNOS - HEROES BEHIND GALLIPOLI The production team Pria is working with producers Elizabeth Kaydos & Jacinta Dunn. About … Continue reading Lemnos: Heroes Behind Gallipoli

From Coogee in 1950s to Global Marine Plastic Pollution

New growth on a Norfolk Pine Coogee of the 1950s was an idyllic place for children. It had changed little since the 1930s. Great Norfolk Pine Trees populated the foreshore parks exuding a beautiful resinous scent that mingled with the smell of the sea. Coogee Beach from the southern Point, with Wylies Baths in the … Continue reading From Coogee in 1950s to Global Marine Plastic Pollution