Beyond borders: the book

The mountains of Timor L’Este reveal signs of the massive tectonic forces operating between the continents.

An Introduction

This body of work represents the last five years of my writing. My perspective is of someone who has now spent the major part of 24 years living outside the borders of his own country, Australia.

As in my first book, Seen and unseen: a century of stories from Asia and the Pacific, it delves into the past but it’s not a mere historical journey.

As the title, Tales beyond Borders, implies the stories are both beyond borders in the physical sense and also in a subjective sense.

Living in Singapore presents an opportunity for reflection from a new vantage point, a globalised space on the margin of the Asian continent.  From here there is an excellent view of the south, to Nusantara, Melanesia and on to my own continent. Also being here has enabled easier access to the ‘Old World’ so the stories also drift into encounters with some of the foundational features of my own source culture.

As well as historical work my stories traverse the contemporary world with tales drawn from settings including Greece, Turkey, Malaysia, Indo-China, Indonesia, Timor L’Este and Australia.

The collection concludes with In aqua a journey through the subconscious with it’s own unique geography.

This is not all I’ve written, just a selection.  Only part of each story is offered in print form, but I have made audio files of each one.

I hope you enjoy listening

  1. Memories of fires past

  2. Iniquity shall abound

  3. Tarzan in tights

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