Lemnos: Heroes Behind Gallipoli

A friend and colleague, Pria Viswalingam, has recently been engaged in the development and direction of a documentary, Lemnos: Heroes Behind Gallipoli.
Lemnos is one of Greece’s Aegean islands.

Here is the trailer for the production.


The production team

Pria is working with producers Elizabeth Kaydos & Jacinta Dunn.

About the documentary

It is, to quote the production website:

The extraordinary story of a Greek island in the Aegean and its pivotal role in the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915.

With rare visual archive and compelling personal accounts, this unique documentary explores a little known setting during Australia’s first war that was crucial in the shaping of our modern identity with themes that reach through the decades and stir the national interest. These include:

* The critical role of Lemnos in the Gallipoli Campaign
* Women in Conflict Contexts (in National School Curriculum)
* Pioneering medicine in war zones
* The foundation of Greek-Australian relations

Few people are aware that Lemnos served as the base for the Allied campaign against the Ottoman Empire.

The documentary is at an advanced stage but still requires financial support to bring it to a conclusion so that it might be shown on SBS.

Are you able to help?

Please forward this email to friends and colleagues that are likely to have an interest in this production.

All donations in support of this project are tax deductible.

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