Geografi Australia

In 1995 my old company Asian Field Study Centres Pty Ltd, tendered for a contract with the Australia Indonesia Institute to produce a resource about Australia. Effectively a Geography text, it was to have historical references as well, and was to be written in Bahasa Indonesia.

The book was attuned to the curriculum for the first year of middle school in Indonesia.

By this time I had already worked with the then NSW Department of Education’s, Learning Materials Centre taught geography for a number of years, and had been operating a field study centre in Indonesia for eleven years.

The tender process was competitive with Oxford University Press and the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne as competitors. We won the tender.

Aged as it might now be, here is the result.


The process

I will write about the process at some other time as I’ve only just begun trawling through my archives. What strikes me is that this book was launched 22 years ago.

The writing team

Carol Thornton, Dr. Lew Hird, Bruce Foott, Dr. Malcolm Prentis, Susan Bliss, Dr. Noel De Souza, Geoffery Clarke, Ian McKee, Peter Plant, Marshall Leaver, Renata Grudic, Russell Darnley, Dr. Lin Sutherland, Dr. Tim Flannery, Dr. Peter Bastian.

The Book outline

An introduction to Australia

Australia’s place geography

Australian government

Australia’s regional context

Mapping Australia

Chapter 1: The Australian continent

Australia’s physiographic features

Australia’s geological history

The main geological regions

Teacher’s notes

Chapter 2: Australia’s unique fauna and flora

The effects of 55 Million years of isolation:

The last 10 000 years

Teacher’s notes

Chapter 3: Australia’s climates

Australia’s main latitudinal zones

The seasonal pattern

Australia’s climates

Chapter 4: Aboriginal Australians

Australia’s Indigenous people

Traditional Aboriginal lifestyles:

Impact of Aboriginal settlement on the Australian environment:

Teacher’s notes

Chapter 5: Agriculture in Australia

the development of commercial agriculture:

some environmental consequences of modern farming

the establishment of tropical agriculture

agriculture and aridity

scientific innovation in Australian agriculture:

Teacher’s notes

Chapter 6: Mining in Australia

history of mining in Australia

major mineral deposits:

Teacher’s notes

Chapter 7: Manufacturing in Australia

history of manufacturing in Australia:

some important Australian Inventions

important manufacturing Industries today

managing the industrial environment

Teacher’s notes

Chapter 8: Population and settlement in Australia

The history and development of Australian towns and cities

characteristics of Australian metropolitan cities

dealing with urban environmental issues

Teacher’s notes

Chapter 9: Multicultural Australia

contemporary Aboriginal society:

A nation based on the process of migration:


Teacher’s notes

Chapter 10: Australia’s trade and tourism

Australia’s main trade links

Australia’s trade with the Asia Pacific region

Tourism in Australia:

Important Tourist Sites –

Teacher’s notes

Chapter 11: Australia’s links with Indonesia

Australia’s links with Indonesia

Australia’s trade with Indonesia

Teacher’s notes

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