Treating COVID-19 Patients in China – Inside an ICU

Here in Singapore we have excellent digital connections. At my place the internet speeds on the optical fibre connection approach 1Gb/second. There seems little digital divide in the sense that from the young through to the elderly, connectivity is common and expected.

A few weeks months back I met a neighbour by the swimming pool in the complex where I live. The complex consists of six separate structure each of 20 storeys with eight apartments on each level. A lot of people live here. It’s a small village.

My new friend connected me with a WhatsApp group. I think I’m the only member who isn’t of Chinese descent.  A lot of feeds from CGTN (China Global Television Network), are circulated through this small WhatsApp group.

Some of the material is in Mandarin, but our discourse is largely in English.  One of the most interesting items recently was this excellent video ‘Treating COVID-19 Patients in China – Inside an ICU’

Click on the image to visit the CGTN site


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