Posted by: maximos62 | July 5, 2009

Ninglun’s Blog – Floating Life

Neil (Ninglun),  with his blog Floating Life, was one of the earliest adopters of blogging that I know.  He’s maintained a fascinating and eclectic blog for a number of years now.  I commend Neil’s blog to you.



  1. Actually I was a latecomer to the internet — not until very late 1999! One early discovery was Yawning Bread (Au Waipang) in Singapore, who writes delightfully and also trenchantly on many topics, but especially on GLBT issues. He has quite a profile on such matters in his own country. He was posting “essays” to his website as early as 1996 — I’m not even sure blogging existed then, but that is what he was doing. His site, and some others I saw, encouraged me to “journal” too, as I would have called it when I started in 2000.

    It’s been fun, but definitely not an earner! 😉


  2. Perhaps not the first, but 10 years is a major achievement, and definitely not an earner 🙂


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