A busy week

It’s been a long term and this week seems impossible. Meeting with friends tonight then back home to put the finishing touches to my presentation on the Learning Federation’s Mall Project to be delivered at the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations conference (AFMLTA) on Friday.  The final report is now available through Learnosity.

Tuesday is a Parent Teacher Night, at least I’m ready for this.  Wednesday night is packing and shopping, then a meeting of the International Organising Committee – Australia – For The Restitution Of The Parthenon Marbles largely to discuss the process of building a website.

Thursday night will involve revisiting the AFMLTA presentation material, making sure it runs smoothly and fits the allocated time.

Late Friday it’s off the Scotland via Dubai, arriving in Glasgow around midday on Saturday 11 July.

As a warm up activity I’ve just been listening to this beautiful traditional music from the Islay ferry and posted on islayblog.com

This will be the first time I’ve visited the country of a large number of my ancestors.  In all those years in Asia and more recently in Egypt, Greece and Turkey, I seldom thought about Scotland.  Now the music brings tears to me eyes, and it’s not even the Pipes :-).

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