Story Readings in March

My March readings are: 

7 March     Made in Japan
14 March     Magic Polygamy and Triangles
21 March     First Landfall
28 March An Unusual Kind of Thunder

Zoom details:
Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney 07:30 PM 

UK8.30 am

Central European Time 9.30am

Athens 10.30am

Jakarta 3.30pm

Singapore 4.30pm

Brisbane 6.30pm
Meeting ID: 728 804 5094

A brief review of stories 

7 March     Made in Japan

This story is set in the immediate post WWII period. It traces changing cultural and political values as Australians heal from the atrocity of war and slowly come to realise that the war as a whole was an atrocity affecting both Australia and Japan.

14 March     Magic Polygamy and Triangles

This is a story that has fictional elements designed to protect the people whose lives are featured in this tale. It is an illustration of the scope of creative non-fiction as a literary device

21 March     First Landfall

First Landfall is an account of my first encounters with countries other than my own. Leaving Sydney and crossing the continent before boarding a ship in Fremantle I began to develop a sense that I was travelling through other countries before even leaving Australia. It is a story of an awakening, the shedding of romantic idealism and the beginning of a confrontation with the realty of journeying in South East Asia.

28 March An Unusual Kind of Thunder

There is little I can say about this except that encountering an act of terrorism was a life changing experience. It the midst of destruction I still encountered a spirit of love and strength expressed to completely in the selfless efforts of people who worked tirelessly to ease the suffering of the victims of the 2002 Bali Bombings

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