Siberut and the Simple Life

A sjhort segment from the story

Accustomed as I was to the wide Mahakam River, journeying up the Rereiket River from Muara Siberut to Rokdok village was more like travelling up a mining sluice. It was a raging turbid torrent of sediments and tree trunks fuelled by a constant downpour. Sitting in the centre of the motorised canoe, I was amazed at the debris that came tumbling past me. Beneath my broad brimmed hat and plastic cape, I roughed out notes on the surroundings whenever the downpour eased enough for me to peek out.

Paul and Alwi, our link to the local area, sat behind with Henky. Andre, our guide and translator with his brother Daniel, sat near the bow. At the stern was our boatman, Pak Eddie, gunning the outboard motor across pools while deftly avoiding rocks and snags at every riffle with practiced use of rudder and throttle.

An nearly photo from Siberut

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