Beyond the Geomorphic

Beyond the Geomorphic: A Story

You can find this story in my current book Beyond Borders: conversations across boundaries.   It tells of an event 75,000 years ago that shaped the life of a Balinese stone carver who worked, not in the refined Indic style, but summoned his visions from a primal Austronesian past.

He became well known and his work included as landscape features in several 5 star hotels, yet he remained a common, though highly gifted man. One of the best teachers and communicators I have met.

My book is available from this site in PDF or from Apple Books, and Kindle

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Geomorphic

  1. A lovely and well crafted story Russell. I read it whilst our little Cemul lion carving looked on. I enjoyed how you wove present and past events and the way you have drawn the reader in and captured the noble spirit and essence of Cemul.

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  2. Thanks Ian.I’m please you found it a successful story. After all the editing and proof reading, by others, I still came across an error in it. as I was reading through the work again. I’ve amended the pdf version available here.


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