Monday Short Story Readings

Marina Bay, Singapore

In this time of pandemic many people are isolated and confronting numerous problems. Some have lost loved ones, or like me are separated from them by great distances, perhaps even just a border. Finding other ways of coming together to support one another, and help to bridge this time of pain, is important to me. One idea I had was to create a series of readings from my stories. I’ve written 53 stories. Most of my stories have been published, others are still awaiting publication.

Living in Singapore over the past eight years, the time has come for me to make the journey back to my own country Australia. Spending a couple of weeks in quarantine offered an opportunity to begin reading stories each night and sharing them through zoom. Now my flight has been cancelled, and my departure delayed, so I decided to read a story each Monday night and keep going until such time as I could make the return journey to Australia.

During September, October, and November, I will read stories from two of my works:

Beyond Borders: conversations across boundaries, and

Seen and unseen: a century of stories from Asia and the Pacific.

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