Beyond Borders is Now Live

Here are just a few of the images associated with stories that appear in Beyond Borders: A conversation across boundaries.

The full multimedia version of the book is now available through Apple Books. For your copy just click on the Apple Book icon opposite, or use the link below, and visit the Apple Books store. I’ve priced it at $9.99 AUS. You will be diverted to the Apple Books store for your country with the price expressed in your currency.

There is now an Amazon Kindle version with links to the media from the Apple Book, and access to the bonus content that comes with the Apple Book. The Kindle version is also $9.99 AUS.

  1. Apple Books
    Both versions link to bonus content with additional resources and backstories.
  2. Kindle with links to a multimedia site.

Since people prefer a text-only experience when reading stories, I’m also offering the option of a text-only pdf version of the book. Just use the PayPal button to order your copy for $5.00 AUS.

Images related to various stories in the book



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