Corona Virus #COVID19

This is intended to be a resource. I will draw heavily on the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Singapore Government and other relevant media outlets. I will try to post regularly while I take a break from Facebook and Twitter

Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)

When I began gathering information about the Corona Virus COVID19 my first source of information was the WHO and it’s page, Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19). This answers the following questions:

  • What is a coronavirus?
  • What is COVID-19?
  • What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
  • How does COVID-19 spread?
  • What can I do to protect myself and prevent the spread of disease?
  • How likely am I to catch COVID-19?
  • Should I worry about COVID-19?
  • Who is at risk of developing severe illness?
  • Are antibiotics effective in preventing or treating the COVID-19?
  • Are there any medicines or therapies that can prevent or cure COVID-19?
  • Is there a vaccine, drug or treatment for COVID-19?
  • Is COVID-19 the same as SARS?
  • Should I wear a mask to protect myself?
  • How to put on, use, take off and dispose of a mask?
  • How long is the incubation period for COVID-19?
  • Can humans become infected with the COVID-19 from an animal source?
  • Can I catch COVID-19 from my pet?
  • How long does the virus survive on surfaces?
  • Is it safe to receive a package from any area where COVID-19 has been reported?
  • Is there anything I should not do?

Moving deeper

There is an excellent WHO page titled simply Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak  that gives the latest updates.  Here is a video from 18 March.

They don’t always update the video but everything else updates constantly today. From this

From this page you can link to a COVID19 Situation Dashboard with a large zoomable map

There is so much there.

The Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore

Following is an outline of resources available through the Ministry of Health, Singapore site.


Updates on COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) Local Situation

Singapore has been a model of the proactive approach to the COVID19 pandemic. The Ministry of Health website addresses:

  • Case Summary in Singapore (as of 19 March 2020, 1200h
  • Public Health Preparedness Clinics
  • COVID-19 Situation Dashboard
  • Health Clearance Application Forms
  • Latest Updates in Singapore
  • The Global Situation
  • Travel Advisory (Updated 18 Mar 2020)
  • Health Advisory
  • Measures which apply to Inbound Travellers
  • Info graphics and Posters

The ministry provides a series of other links

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