A Prayer during the coronavirus

This is a prayer from Bigorski Monastery of St John the Baptist
The Lord Jesus Christ, Healer of our souls and bodies

Lord Jesus Christ our God, the Supreme Healer of souls and bodies, who has become human for us, to heal the great wound of man; Who did not despise the ten sick from incurable leprosy, but by Thy saving grace cleansed them; Who came as a Godman in the days of Your presence on earth, doing good and healing all the sick and the afflicted; Who did good and healed the paralyzed, the blind, the great sinners, the possessed by demons and passions, both physically and mentally; receive our prayer graciously and drive away, with Your power, the murderous crown-like shaped virus and causes fear, but also death to the infirmed and insufficiently cared for. Although you have allowed this temptation because of our many sins, we pray that you remove it from us and from every family. Although You have allowed it to spread for the testing of our faith, stop the wavering of the powerless because of this epidemic. Although it has spread because of the atrocity of the enemy or the carelessness of superficial people, destroy its power as God Almighty. Save the youth and fence the powerless, heal those who are old from this damned virus, and deliver them all out of the distress of the heart, and instead give us health, relief, and breadth, through the prayers of Our Lady Theotokos and all Your Saints. Amen

With thanks to

Argireta Ateva

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