#Singapore: the Festival of the Hungry Ghost

This month long event in Singapore is always worth watching as it comes to an end. Catherine Williams and I shot this quick video today on iPhones, just in passing.


Back in the 1960s I worked as a television camera operator. In those days the camera’s we used were huge. Operating one was like waltzing with a robot.

Working with an Image Orthicon Camera in 1968

I remember those times fondly working in this way allowed me to attend a huge variety of lectures. Sure it was from behind the camera but it allowed me to enjoy a free education completing most of the Physics I course with substantial blocks of Psychology, Botany, Biology, Archaeology and even Anatomy, probably the most confronting of all the courses. What it left me with was a life long interest in video and photography.

Now with iPhones capturing video and then transforming it into a short program, disseminated through YouTube is so quick and simple.






3 thoughts on “#Singapore: the Festival of the Hungry Ghost

  1. Could you please provide some more specific information about the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts?

    Why (in what specific ways) are they hungry? And what are the specific means of propitiating them? How far back does this ceremony or clusters of ceremony extend? Andy why the backing today, i.e. into the present day?

    Good wishes, as always…


    1. Sure thing Christine. I’ll write another post on it. This is a great time to gather images of the festivity. On the face of it there seems to be a connection with the Balinese celebration known as Galungan. During both of these times the spirits of ancestors are believed to be about and require propitiation with offerings.


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