Videos on coastal processes for secondary school #geography

I frequently encounter teachers looking for simple material on coastal processes. The UN Atlas of Oceans reports that 44 % of the world’s population (more people than inhabited the entire globe in 1950) live within 150 kilometers of the coast. In 2001 over half the world’s population lived within 200km of a coastline. The rate of population growth in coastal areas is accelerating and increasing tourism adds to pressure on the environment. One example of this incredible growth is Casablanca whose population soared from 600 in 1839 to 29,000 in 1900, and to almost 5 million today. The United States has clearly mapped its population expansion where around 53% of the population lives near the coast and where, since 1970, there have been 2000 homes per day erected in coastal areas. In China alone, where the urban population is expected to increase by over 125% in the next 25 years, over 400 million live on the coast.


Coogee beach
Coogee beach

So understanding coastal processes is most important.  Here in Australia this is particularly so since more than 85% of Australians live within 50 kilometres of the coast.

Some years ago I made these short and very simple videos for my students.  I hope they are still relevant.

Rocky Coastlines 1 from maximos62 on Vimeo.

Rocky coastlines 2 from maximos62 on Vimeo.

Wave Dominated Sandy Coastlines – Coastal Proccesses from maximos62 on Vimeo.

Coastal Management – Byron Bay 1 from maximos62 on Vimeo.

Coastal Management – Byron Bay 2 from maximos62 on Vimeo.

Coastal Vegetation from maximos62 on Vimeo.

I hope teachers still find them useful.

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