A wet February

It’s been a wet February, particularly in North Eastern NSW.


Walking by the coast yesterday was a bracing experience, to say the least. I think I actually caught a glimpse of conditions when they were in somewhat of a lull, but I was reminded why the rocky outcrop off Coogee is called Wedding Cake Island.

My principal reason for posting this was just to experiment a little with video and my new Blue condenser microphone.

The odd thing about the weather was that a low swung in off the lower Coral Sea, behaving like a tropical cyclone and moving largely against the usual west to east movement of pressure cells. While it wasn’t particularly intense, like a lot of east coast depressions, it brought squally conditions, even a small tornado to the coast south of Sydney, at Kiama. Elsewhere it brought flash floods

Further north near Kempsey a flood surge today brought more substantial flooding to the Macleay River which has spilled over a levee designed to prevent flooding the CBD. Several homes close to the civic centre have already been inundated.

As an after thought, here’s the synoptic chart for Saturday.

From http://http://www.bom.gov.au/

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