Lead Paint Protest

About 40 people wearing red took staged colorful protests on Terrigal and Avoca Beaches, this weekend.

Is the new NSW government up to the challenge of keeping our ocean clean?

Protesting against the State Government’s planned sinking of the ex-HMAS Adelaide on April 13 they were highlighting the remaIning problem of lead contamination in the on the ship.

According to the No Ship at Avoca group there is between ‘23,000 and 24,000 square metres of lead paint on the HMAS Adelaide. The estimated depth of paint is 0.12 mm which is equivalent to 0.0012 metres. Therefore there is 2.88 cubic metres of lead paint. 1 cubic metre = 1000 mL of paint. 2880 litres of lead paint. 200 Litres per barrel = 15 barrels.’ The group estimates that this amounts to a further 9 tonnes of lead based paint.

The size of the problem

The NSW Ombudsman has issued serious questions to the Government about the scuttling.

The No Ship Action Group want to know if new Premier Barry O’Farrell will allow the Ombudsman time to complete the proper process – and therefore postpone the scuttling of the old warship.

Why add to our childrens lead burden?

For more information visit the No Ship At Avoca website

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