Sydney Urban Growth and Decline: Student observations

Earlier this year my students completed a field study around the Sydney Harbour foreshore from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay.

This was part of a major unit of work within the syllabus topic: Issues in the Australian Environment. A description of my approach is found here.

The project was supported by the SSC Leichhardt Geography Blog and after the students had completed a report on their field study activity, as part of an assessment task, I merged two student reports as the base document for a Wiki on urban processes.

Here’s a wordle based on the two papers.

Wordle: Sydney and Urban Study

That was in 2010.

Not long ago we repeated the field study.  My feeling is that this years students really understood the issues at a deeper level than last years. Here’s the wordle from the two best students reports.

Wordle: Describing Sydney


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