A ride on Sydney’s only tram

Today I decided to try out the video quality on my iPhone4, so I videoed the trip on Sydney’s light rail system.

It’s a comfortable way to travel, but not yet carrying the volumes that trams did in the 1950s. What’s needed is a greater investment in tramway infrastructure.

As a series of first steps the NSW Government is extending the light rail network by almost 10km to Dulwich Hill in the Inner West and through the Sydney’s CBD. Major stimulants here are the Sydney City Council promoting trams, bicycles and a more pedestrian friendly city, along withe the Barangaroo Delivery Authority and developer Lend Lease.

In the government’s Metropolitan Transport Plan, the City and Barangaroo are to be connected by extending the light rail network. According to the plan:

• Barangaroo will be a key destination on a massively expanded $500 million light rail network from Dulwich Hill to Circular Quay.
• This light rail network will deliver 10,000 people an hour to the heart of the Barangaroo precinct
• It will run through the Western corridor of the CBD, linking the new development with Circular Quay, Haymarket and the Inner West and key tourist destinations.

Of course we need far more than this initiative.

After publishing I realised that someone else had shot a similar video of another part of the trip.

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