Tide turns against the scuttling of exHMAS Adelaide: Follow – #noshipatavoca meeting Saturday

Sometimes it’s surprising just how quickly common sense can prevail and people rally to a cause that’s just and obviously in the best interests of the community and environmental health. Hopefully this is one of those occasions.

Avoca Beach is clearly threatened by the imminent scuttling of the former HMAS Adelaide a mere 1.7 kms off shore in a location where it will be just 6 or 7 metres below the surface at low tide.

What’s more, there haven’t been the usual environmental impact studies done on the effects this scuttling might have on the marine environment.  Experienced coastal watchers are convinced that the site chosen for the wreck will have an immediate impact on the coastal morphology of the Avoca area, in particular sand replenishment along the beach.

View the latest video from Michael Rubbo, as he interviews Quentin Riley who has been instrumental in organising a protest movement against the scuttling.

After you’ve viewed the new video, please leave your comment. Time is short and it’s important to bring maximum pressure to bear on the NSW Government so that they intervene and put an end to this risky project.

There’s now a website No Ship at Avoca, a Facebook Group and a campaign on Twitter – follow noshipatavoc.

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