Student ideas on using OneNote with DER Laptops

After a month working on an assignment about development in Indonesia using OneNote to organise the results of student research, we reviewed some of the reports this morning, as a group.  My students, who have a wide range of abilities and learning styles were a little reserved about evaluating one anothers work.  When we started to discuss ways that we could make better use of OneNote to organise Geography assignments they were far more forthcoming with their ideas and opinions.

Thanks to Adrian Shipp, at South Sydney High School, I was able to use a simple mind mapping tool.  The students enjoyed this.  They all created their own accounts and will attempt their own mind maps tonight.  So we considered the question: How can we use OneNote more effectively in Geography?

The results aren’t particularly profound, but they were an interesting exercise in collaboration and in sharing thoughts and insights into the app’s potential.

Student ideas on ways of using OneNote in Geography

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