#UWRF16 – Paradise Revisited a Panel Discussion

The panel was tasked with considering the proposition that: From busloads of tourists and bustling beaches, to Balinese Hinduism and a global voice, Bali is a place that knows how to adapt. This is a summary of my introductory comments and a little more that there was insufficient time to express. As the only foreigner … Continue reading #UWRF16 – Paradise Revisited a Panel Discussion

Walking Into The Past One #Ubud Morning

Avenues of penyor cascading over the streets and lanes of Ubud, a striking reminder that Galungan and Kuningan had passed for yet another Balinese year. Bridges between an unseen world of spirit and a contemporary corporal world penyor symbolise this time when ancestor spirits are believed to visit their worldly families partaking in feasting and festivities. … Continue reading Walking Into The Past One #Ubud Morning