#UWRF16 – Paradise Revisited a Panel Discussion

The panel was tasked with considering the proposition that: From busloads of tourists and bustling beaches, to Balinese Hinduism and a global voice, Bali is a place that knows how to adapt. This is a summary of my introductory comments and a little more that there was insufficient time to express. As the only foreigner … Continue reading #UWRF16 – Paradise Revisited a Panel Discussion

#BookLaunch of ‘Seen & Unseen: a century of stories from #Asia & the #Pacific’

  This is a Chitter Media Production, produced and edited by Adrian Metlenko, camera operators Adrian Metlenko and Evan Darnley-Pentes.

‘Magic, Polygamy & Triangles’, a story from “Seen & Unseen: a century of stories from Asia & the Pacific”

  This is just an introduction to the 'Magic Polygamy and Triangles". After this brief introduction the story segues into the intrigue of a love triangle and magic. In all this is a tale of duplicity, intrigue, fear and accusations of witchcraft.

Walking Into The Past One #Ubud Morning

Avenues of penyor cascading over the streets and lanes of Ubud, a striking reminder that Galungan and Kuningan had passed for yet another Balinese year. Bridges between an unseen world of spirit and a contemporary corporal world penyor symbolise this time when ancestor spirits are believed to visit their worldly families partaking in feasting and festivities. … Continue reading Walking Into The Past One #Ubud Morning

#Bali goes ‘Clean and Green’, but hang on isn’t it supposed to be a green #paradise already?

In October, the Jakarta Post carried a story announcing Bali's commitment to go green. The “Bali Clean and Green” program, is to involve all levels of government in Bali, provincial, regency and city, with additional support from the private sector and local residents. So, Bali is to become Indonesia's first green province. But wait a … Continue reading #Bali goes ‘Clean and Green’, but hang on isn’t it supposed to be a green #paradise already?