Ancient Belonging Places

The title of this story was inspired by Kathryn, a friend and colleague, a Kaanju/Birri woman from Queensland, responding to my Facebook post. The idea for the story came from this encounter with birds in flight. Ancient Belonging Places - the story Sulphur crested cockatoos massed above the Canary Island Palms and spreading Moreton … Continue reading Ancient Belonging Places

Unravelling Crossie’s Past

This story is from my latest book, Beyond Borders: conversations across boundaries. The book is a multimedia work, first published on the Apple Books platform but after numerous unsuccessful attempts at revising the book, I've published on Google Play. This is a most functional platform by comparison. The link above will open a sample of … Continue reading Unravelling Crossie’s Past

Beyond the Geomorphic Beyond the Geomorphic: A Story You can find this story in my current book Beyond Borders: conversations across boundaries.   It tells of an event 75,000 years ago that shaped the life of a Balinese stone carver who worked, not in the refined Indic style, but summoned his visions from a primal Austronesian past.He became … Continue reading Beyond the Geomorphic

Erdogan ignores both #UNESCO and, arguably, even the Quoran

Hagia Sophia, the greatest of all Byzantine Churches Haluk Comertel Used under Creative Commons licence, Attribution 3.0 Unported A Facebook Post Several days ago I noticed a Facebook post from a friend, Artemis Papathanassiou, whom I've met through my work as Secretary of the International Organising Committee - Australia - for the Restitution of the … Continue reading Erdogan ignores both #UNESCO and, arguably, even the Quoran