Unspoken Realities: A Comment on the Howard Era

Recently Penny Wong was asked, What's your vision of the best Australia can be, in the world? She replied: I have a view that foreign policy is obviously an expression of the assertion and prosecution and protection of one's national interests and values; it is also the expression of identity. Referencing Gough Whitlam she continued … Continue reading Unspoken Realities: A Comment on the Howard Era

Story Readings in April

All artwork by Aurélie Charmeau My April readings are:  4 April     A Forest Encounter11 April     Bunga's Family18 April    An Invitation25 April The Honey Harvest Zoom details:Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, 07:30 PM  UK 9.30 am Central European Time 11.30am Athens 12.30am Jakarta 4.30pm Singapore 5.30pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7288045094Meeting ID: 728 804 5094 The Story These readings are chapters from a … Continue reading Story Readings in April

Story Readings in March

My March readings are:  7 March     Made in Japan14 March     Magic Polygamy and Triangles21 March     First Landfall28 March An Unusual Kind of Thunder Zoom details:Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney 07:30 PM  UK8.30 am Central European Time 9.30am Athens 10.30am Jakarta 3.30pm Singapore 4.30pm Brisbane 6.30pm  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7288045094Meeting ID: 728 804 5094 A brief review of stories  7 March     Made … Continue reading Story Readings in March

Story Readings in February

This month I'll be reading four stories. The images illustrate themes from these stories: Monday 7  Kampanye - The Campaign Procession The Campaign Procession opens in Sydney, at the height of the paranoia that typified the Howard era. Then the differences between Australia and Indonesia were amplified through fear propagated by the Australia’s mainstream news media. … Continue reading Story Readings in February

Readings for January 2022

Kenyah Dayak grandmother from Rukun Damai. Mahakam River, East Kalimantan 1989. (Go directly to the readings for February) During this time of pandemic many people have been isolated, confronting numerous problems. Some have lost loved ones, or like me were separated from them by great distances, others endured the challenge of separation imposed by state … Continue reading Readings for January 2022

‘Going Down’ & ‘Garam Masala’

My apartment block in Singapore The spice seller In my latest book Beyond Borders: conversations across boundaries, there is a suite three stories about Timor L’Este. Some elements in these stories are a little confronting. In the interests of relieving the tension for readers so once readers I decided to use a light tone for … Continue reading ‘Going Down’ & ‘Garam Masala’

“Can you Help Me?” – A story

Background to the story This story was inspired by a recent visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and an encounter with a stranger. Descending from the observation deck of the Petronas Twin Towers, I was ambling around the central business district. Without any particular destination in mind,  except a vague notion that I’d like to find … Continue reading “Can you Help Me?” – A story