Improving the messaging on #Covid19

For weeks now I’ve been waiting for my country to come up with a coherent message about the pandemic dangers of COVID19. Watching our Prime Minister Scott Morrison make his comment about attending the footie on the weekend, revealed an ignorant trivialisation of the COVID19 problem.

Fortunately Australia’s PM wasn’t quite as dismissive as Boris Johnson and his suggestion that the UK could let the virus run it’s course so the population developed herd immunity.

I’ve relied on both the WHO and the Singapore Government for clear focused commentary. This has been lacking in Australia although some state governments are beginning to convey the seriousness of this pandemic through their actions.

Australia still lacks a coherent and uncluttered commentary on the COVID19. So it was with some relief that I came across the article by Melissa Davey, ‘

Australia is crying out for clearer messaging on coronavirus, ‘rambling’ politicians told

With her byline – ‘Experts call for mass communication campaign – not ‘naff little drawings’ – and ministers urged to relearn art of answering questions’

Thanks Melissa

Follow the link to Melissa’s article.


2 thoughts on “Improving the messaging on #Covid19

  1. ‘Clear, concise messages’, make a difference they can make – we’ve not been blessed with those in the UK too, from our PM and some of his advisors there have been times when we watched and listened only to ask ourselves why delay what was needed especially in this case of Covid19. We continue to live in hope, we are thankful for Channel 4 News’ team and pray for better days to follow. This 2020 year will be know as ‘annus horribilis’ for all humanity. Keep well, keep writing your ‘letters from Singapore’ are special.


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